The Lord Group

Lord Individual Training is a multi disciplinary player development programme. We aim to offer an unparalleled level of individual support for players both on and off the pitch. Through our mission and objectives of ‘delivering outstanding experiences for individual players’, LIT utilises a holistic approach to player development through our 3 P’s support model (pastoral, player and performance).

The player is at the forefront of how we coach, develop and play which is achieved through individualised on and off the pitch support. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality programme, which is achieved through the variety of staff working with the players. Our pastoral and performance staff have current and previous experience working in professional football across the pathway from under 9’s to first team in a variety of roles and clubs.

LIT provides specialist on pitch performance support through analysis, coaching, medical, physical performance and recruitment whilst recognising the importance of off pitch pastoral support through education, player care and psychology. Marrying the two together helps us deliver an outstanding player development programme where we will continuously evolve our methods to ensure we stay ahead of the latest trends in the professional game.

Welcome to Lord Individual Training.