Mein Ball Dein Ball e.V.

Sports Charity Mwanza is a Tanzanian NGO with the mission to create a sustainable school and club sports infrastructure in Mwanza region (about 4 Mio. people). Together with the regional government administration and theregional sports associations we build sports grounds and equip schools as well as clubs with balls. Giving more children access to school and club sports is the mission which our Tanzanian and international team is striving for.

19 Mar, 2024
Mein Ball Dein Ball e.V. Mwanza, Tanzania
With us you can expect more than a normal internship. We are looking for sports enthusiasts and change makers who have their heart in the right place. You will represent our international team in Mwanza City (about 1 million people) while being responsible for working with clubs and schools in your sport . All this you do in close collaboration with the local charity team as well as the regional federation / administration . While you can bring in a lot into our projects , you will also realize that you can learn a lot from the people here for your future life back home. To get more information about our charity and the situation in your sport, please visit . The homepage is old and loads a bit slow but will be updated this year. You will find the latest information on our Instagram .   Responsibilities: ● In teams of 2 or 3, you will s et-up structures and operations in the sport you are...