Sunshine Coast FC Pty Ltd

Professional Football Club based in Queensland, Australia.

12 Feb, 2024
Full time
£36,000 - £37,000 yearly
Sunshine Coast FC Pty Ltd Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia
The role of the Sports Development Officer for Football for Sunshine Coast FC Development Club Full-Time Academy, which also encompasses the critical position of Japanese Sports Coordinator for Talent Identification & Outreach. The position involves working to promote and enhance the development of football in Australia, whilst also ensuring our network of operations with our contacts in Japan remains seamless as we continue to bring student / athletes from Japan, whilst also working on taking student / athletes from Australia to Japan through our Talent ID & Outreach program.    The role is focused on organising programs both in Australia and Japan as part of the ‘Talent Identification and Outreach’ programs for Sunshine Coast Football Club, which will see players transition from Development to Elite programs, plus initiatives that encourage participation, skill development, and engagement in football, whilst also identifying players to join the full-time...