Ascent Soccer


From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “It shouldn’t matter where you were born, what language you speak, what religion you are, what political opinions you have, or whether you are rich or poor.”

Talent and desire are equally distributed across the globe.

Opportunity however, is not.

Ascent Soccer starts at the grassroots, inspiring and nurturing talented girls and boys in Southeast Africa to be brave, to lead by example and to believe in their ability to transform themselves, their communities and the world. 

We are soccer and scholarship that puts people and the planet first.

Our Four Pillars: Soccer. Scholarship. People. Planet.


Ascent Soccer empowers talent and promise in Southeast Africa, as the greenest soccer club and academy on the continent.

We are a social impact organization that transforms the lives of young men and women in some of Southeast Africa’s poorest countries by providing opportunities for comprehensive education, critical life skills and character development -- combined with world-class soccer skill development. 

Based in Malawi, with registered charity operations in the USA and Canada, Ascent was founded in 2014 and works with over 85 boys and girls carefully selected from across Southeast Africa. Ascent graduates have gone on to win life-changing scholarships at elite global boarding schools, with other Ascent scholars representing the academy in youth national teams and at major European club tournaments.  Ascent’s vision is to guide youth to realize and reach their potential, growing into exceptional young men and women who not only re-invest in their own communities, but provide opportunities for the success of future graduates.

Many grassroots projects spread their resources across thousands of participants over short periods, with the goal to reach as many deserving young people as possible. Combined with that mission, we also aim to drive systemic, lasting change by invest deeply in talent, desire and promise, catalyzing a small but mighty group of young leaders to leverage the opportunities and platform provided by Ascent Soccer, across Southeast Africa.