FOOTSUK Football Club

FOOTSUK Football Club was establish with one main goal: Developing children to become better footballers and better human beings.


We are very passionate about football and believe that through football, we will improve our community by channelling our kids energy into a teams sport that would improve their sense of responsibility, sense of belonging, and the sense of having a purpose.


We focus on building a teamwork atmosphere before we focus on skill, because we believe that through teamwork bonding and collaboration, we will all live in a better and more welcoming community.


At the same time, and through the extensive training and guidance that we give our coaches, we are confident that we can build strong teams that can compete at high levels and become a source of pride to all involved, players, parents, guardians and coaches.


We aim to give our players a clear pathway into grass root football and the professional game, we will cherish them, nurture them, guide them all the way and give them everything we could possibly give.


Our values are commitment, discipline, community and teamwork.