IF Gnistan

IF Gnistan is a football club from Helsinki with nearly 1200 players raging all the way from 5 years olds to the men’s first team that plays in the first tier of Finnish football and women’s first team that qualified to the 2 division after last season. The club has two big goals: 1) age group’s first teams are competing on a high level and the target is to develop the players to an international level, 2) Age group’s second teams goal’s are to offer a place for everyone to enjoy and stay playing football and develop the motivated players to the first team.

The club will celebrate it’s 100th birthday next year and has risen to the 4th level on the Finnish FA’s quality system. Gnistan has nearly 20 full time employees working with different age groups.  As a coach you will come into a multicultural/international environment where the job is done according to the coaching line and clubs values responsibility, unity, development, parity. Guidance and mentoring will be provided from the head of coaching and sport director of the club. The coaching language is Finnish or English and a good language skills in either of them is required.