The Kyrgyz Football Union

The Kyrgyz Football Union is an association of legal entities. The activity of the organization is aimed at the development and popularization of all varieties of football in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The KFU is the only organization recognized by FIFA and AFC that provides control over the development of football in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Date of foundation: 2019
  • Predecessor: Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic (1992/2019)
  • Date of entry into the AFC: 1994
  • Date of joining FIFA: 1994
  • Awards: Most Aspiring Federation of the Year (AFC Annual Awards 2014)
  • National Stadium: D. Omurzakov Stadium
  • Date of opening/reconstruction: 1941, 1963, 1980s, 2000s
  • Capacity: 18,000
  • Illumination (lux): 1400
  • Field dimensions: 102x68 m

The main goals of the Kyrgyz Football Union are:

- development, popularization and propaganda of football (futsal, beach football and other varieties of football) in the Kyrgyz Republic;

- organization and holding of competitions and events in football, futsal, beach football and other types of football;

- training of football players - members of the national teams of the Kyrgyz Republic in football, futsal, beach football and other types of football;

- increasing the role of football in the comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual, strengthening the health of citizens, and shaping a healthy lifestyle.

The main tasks of the Kyrgyz Football Union are:

- strategic and current management of football and all its varieties in the Kyrgyz Republic;

- continuous improvement of the game of football throughout the Kyrgyz Republic in the light of fair play and its educational, cultural, humanistic values;

- ensuring compliance with the rules and norms of the FSC by the subjects of football;

- organization of football competitions in all its varieties at the national level;

- development and approval of sports regulations and regulations, other norms of behavior of football subjects, their implementation and enforcement;

- protection of the legitimate interests of the CFU Members and other subjects of football, including in international organizations;

- compliance with and elimination of any violations of the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, the AFC and the CFU, as well as the Rules of the Game, ensuring their observance by the CFU Members and other subjects of football;

- prevention of actions and methods that jeopardize the integrity of matches/competitions or diminish the prestige of football in the Kyrgyz Republic;

- exercising control and supervision in organizing and holding football matches of all types, including friendly ones, which are played under the auspices of the CFU on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- strengthening the positions and increasing the authority of domestic football in the international arena, strengthening and developing international sports relations in the field of football with FIFA, AFC and other international football organizations;

- organization and holding of international competitions, taking into account the rules and regulations of FIFA and AFC;

- improving the system of training highly qualified athletes, ensuring the successful performance of national teams and club teams of the Kyrgyz Republic in international competitions;

- ensuring, in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, social protection of the rights and interests of athletes, coaches and other specialists in the field of football, care for football veterans;

- development of infrastructure and material and technical base of football;

- creation and development of sports training centers, educational institutions and scientific organizations in the field of football;

- assistance to authorized state authorities and local governments, public associations in improving the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and other regulatory legal acts affecting football;

- representing the interests of domestic football in the international sports and Olympic movement, including at all events held by FIFA and AFC or under their patronage;

- the struggle to ensure the integrity and medical cleanliness of football, including through the strict observance and implementation of anti-doping requirements;

- increasing the level of safety of sports events in the field of football;

- fight against any form of discrimination and violence in football;

- formation of an effective system of information support in the field of football;

- organization of events for training, retraining, advanced training, certification and sports licensing of coaches, referees, other specialists working in the field of football, control over their activities.