Ultimate Sports Academies

  • UK
28 Mar, 2023
Full time
Ultimate Sports Academies Oxfordshire - Moulsford Prep School, Moulsford-on-Thames, OX10 9HR
Job Description Summary of Position: The role of a Football Coach is to deliver outstanding, structured football sessions to the children attending our academies, usually between the ages of 7 and 14. As well as leading sessions, coaches contribute to the high standard of physical, emotional and social care offered by Ultimate Sports Academies. Our coaches have a pastoral role as the leader of a group of children on camp, with the focus being on maintaining welfare and providing high quality care. Work available in the Summer school holidays. Responsibilities : Deliver excellent, energetic coaching sessions where all children can develop their skills, be challenged and have fun. Demonstrate the ability to develop and progress sessions for varying ages and abilities. Provide challenging content in a safe learning environment. Communicate effectively with children and their parents/guardians if required. Analyse performance and suggest areas of improvement. Supervise and...