49er United

49er United is a competitive club, affiliated it with and in support of the 49er Youth Soccer League.  We are dual affiliated with both US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer. Located in Auburn, CA, we are a player-first club with a commitment to develop players, support a love for the sport of soccer, and promote the positive aspects of youth sports throughout our member communities.  We field teams from U9-U19, and compete against other clubs in Region 6 of the NorCal Premier League made up mostly of the greater Sacramento Area.


Our Vision:

We aspire to be an integral part of our greater community that helps to cultivate character, sportsmanship, and the competitive spirit through the sport of soccer.  Equipping every player that puts on a 49er United uniform to put forward their personal best every day, both on and off the field.


Our Motto:

Building Character in our Community through Competition.


Our Core Values:

 As a club who places the player above all else, we have a commitment to culture, following the initiative started by the United Soccer Coaches.

Core Values-1