AFC Wimbledon Foundation

AFC Wimbledon Foundation was formed in 2011 after a recognition that the ground-breaking creation, establishment and success of AFC Wimbledon Football Club was built on the energy and effort of its supporters. The football club wanted to pay back this support by providing a series of targeted community-based activities for local people and formed the Foundation to deliver this work.

The Foundation completed some fantastic project work in the early years of its existence in the Merton, Kingston and Wandsworth areas and has now positioned itself to be at the centre of the exciting new stadium development at Plough Lane, that serves as a hub of activity for the community.

Our Strategic Plan sets out how we can work towards realising our vision and mission statements by focusing on our key aims over the next three years, building capacity in the organisation to meet these challenges.

  • Develop safer and more cohesive communities
  • Support the education of disadvantaged young people
  • Improve health and wellbeing across Merton and Wandsworth
  • Promote AFC Wimbledon’s Plough Lane Stadium as a vibrant community hub