M3 Football Limited

  • Birmingham, UK

M3 Football was created by a current professional woman's footballer, Maz Pacheco, who plays for Aston Villa FC and M3 was idea to provide girls with an opportunity to "Train Like A Pro" during school holidays.

We want to create a safe environment for girls to learn different skills within football and be a part of the M3 Community. We pride ourselves on being something different to what usual football camps gives and we hope every M3 Baller walks away wanting to come back and learn more! Every session will have an element on what Maz and her other teammates train like on a daily basis which allows girls to have an insight into what being a pro looks like! 

We want female coaches who are driven, inspirational, enthusiastic and enjoy coaching girls from grassroots level all the way through to academy level. Due to the high interest with Maz the range of abilities can be vary a lot, this means our M3 coaches need to be able to keep players who are pushing in academies engaged and challenged alongside players who might just be starting out.