Grimsby Town - known as the Mariners - play in League Two after being promoted from the National League in 2021/22.  The club's home is at Blundell Park in Cleethorpes. Grimsby Town is the most successful club in Lincolnshire.

We don’t just work for Grimsby Town Football Club — we are Grimsby Town Football Club. It’s a remarkable story that began in 1878 and has continued uninterrupted ever since.

There is nothing bigger and nothing more powerful in uniting so many people — through purpose, passion and pride — than a football club. It’s people’s identity. It’s their family; their heritage. It’s where they belong. This is something that cannot be undone. The bond, ties and loyalty are forever. And by being here, we are part of the story.

 We are more than staff, players, managers, coaches, analysists, physios, stewards and volunteers. We are friends, supporters, promoters, entertainers, role models and, in some cases, idols and legends. But we cannot be any of these things without each other.

None of us is bigger than all of us. Every day, we strive for better. We are a football club, but we’re at the heart of something much bigger. A club formed from its community now has the power to define its community. We are today’s authors of this black and white story.