The UK’s most trusted junior football coaching:

We believe that England needs a stronger grassroots program if the next generation are to love the sport and bring England our second world cup. While grassroots is the heartbeat of kids loving football, parents are rarely trained or equipped to introduce the sport in those crucial early stages, especially with such large groups and little support.

Guided discovery helps to develop creative problem solvers:

200+ players signed at pro clubs

Over the years we’ve developed a discovery learning theory to make our training fun, but effective. With over 200 players signed to professional clubs, it seems to be working!

The right approach:

We find if you give players all the answers, they get lazy. They don’t think for themselves. They can’t problem solve. We want to present situations in which the environment teaches them and they can learn continuously with no fear of making mistakes.

We Make Footballers believe in a combination of learning through discovery, guided discovery and occasionally an autocratic (controlling) coaching style.

Guided discovery will often speed up the process in which the player finds the ‘right answer’. With trial and error, we are hoping the child gets the answer, however it may not come. The guidance points them in the right direction (the right direction is always open to interpretation).

We recruit the best young coaches in the country:

We are the strength of our football coaching, and we’ve gone a long way to find the best junior football coaches in the country.

Our coaches are professional highly trained people who have a talent and passion for coaching and teaching! With continual professional development and the monitoring of each coach's progression within the company, we are able to keep our team motivated and passionate every session.

In addition to encouraging our coaches to pursue further FA Qualifications, we have developed our own We Make Footballers coach training course which allows our staff to flourish. This ensures we keep consistent quality each and every week.