FC 2 Korriku

FC 2 Korriku is a Football Club based in Kosovo since 1957. More about us, see www.2korriku.com 

04 Sep, 2022
FC 2 Korriku Pristina
Seeking a Short Time Coach to work with Girls (U17) in Kosovo We are seeking talented and enthusiastic Coach (possibly female) who have worked in the past with U15, U17 and took part in Leagues. Candidate will come to Kosovo for 15-30 days and lead our U17 Girls Team FC 2 Korriku ( www.2korriku.com ). We will provide an apartment at downtown city free of charge to stay during her/his time in Kosovo and possibly share airfare ticket on 50/50 basis.   The candidate will support our existing coaches, mixing technical and tactical learning with fun and enjoyable weekly sessions. Our club team is consisted of young girls aged 13-15 years who are competing this year at U17 League in Kosovo. We do not have U15 or lower leagues in Kosovo therefore we were interested to gain experience, familiarize with field etc.  If interested and keen to find out more, please drop me an email us at kfv@2korriku.com or Whatsapp at +38344164027