IVS Group Ltd.

IVS Group Ltd is a family owned and operated Merchandise Management Company formed in 1998 by people with a passion for the live entertainment and sporting industry working alongside some of the largest global names in the live entertainment, sports, edutainment and theme park industry worldwide. Starting in a small first floor building, the head office in Isleworth had grown in size and people within a year and years later we have continued to expand with an ever-increasing dedicated team all seeking their own aspirations and contributing to whichever direction the CEO takes the company in. Commercially driven but creatively passionate, we believe that our approach, attention to detail and constantly striving for excellence and innovation sets us apart in our industry and delivered for partners and clients.

At IVS we have managed over 4000 casual staff across the UK, Europe and Asia, and have had the honour of selling merchandise and programmes at some of the biggest venues including, - Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium, Brighton Centre, Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, and Anfield.

 In sports, IVS handles the merchandise concession operations for some of the most popular venues across the UK and Germany. As well as this, we are firmly established in the rock and pop industry as a leading provider of event retail management, servicing some of the world’s leading bands and biggest European tours. Most recently IVS has toured Europe with Guns N’ Roses, Beyonce, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, AC/DC, P!nk, BTS and Capital’s Summertime Ball.