Tactalyse stands for everything surrounding football tactics. Our goal is to create tomorrow’s tactical football players. We do so by using our own unique methodology to highlight the impact of (individual) tactics on the beautiful game of football.

Tactalyse was founded by Loran Vrielink on the 2nd of February 2016 under the name of Your Tactical Analyst. Since that date we are happy to say that we were able to coach, develop and improve lots of players, trainers, and coaches in the football world. Besides our player analysis, we have lots of experience with doing workshopsteam analysis and scouting.

We at Tactalyse always strive to deliver the best quality for our customers. Therefore, we continuously improve our services and methodology as well as find new ways to transfer our tactical knowledge.

We believe that every professional football player would benefit from improving their tactical knowledge. Therefore, we offer our services in as many countries and as many languages possible. We do so by making use of a license model. In different countries Tactalyse is represented by one or more license holder being able to teach the Tactalyse way.

19 Nov, 2021
Full time
Tactalyse Remote
Tactalyse offers the opportunity of becoming a self-employed license holder. The company’s license model gives self-employed entrepreneurs worldwide the opportunity to join Tactalyse. We are a fully remote company build on responsibility, freedom and passion for football. Our different services are created to improve the tactical understanding of professional football players. As a license holder, you will be educated according to our unique methodology. As a license holder, you will be authorized to give our lite service, which consists of giving online tactical classes to youth professional football players. After 2 years of building relations, following education hours and understanding the methodology, there is the opportunity to grow within the company. At the moment we have license holders in: England, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Poland. We are asking for a long-term commitment to the company. This investment consists out of a start fee, yearly fee and a...