Avro Football Club

Avro FC are a semi-professional football club founded in 1936 as a work’s team for aircraft manufacturer Avro. The team spent the majority of its history bouncing around the Manchester amateur leagues and were mainly based at the Lancaster Club in Failsworth. In 2017, the site was redeveloped, forcing Avro to find a new home.

They found one in the former home of Oldham Boro and Oldham R.L.F.C, The Whitebank Stadium, which was renamed The Vestacare Stadium as part of a sponsorship deal. After just one season at the Vestacare Stadium, Avro were promoted to the NWCFL Division One North, their first-ever time in nonleague football. Avro were promoted to the NWCFL Premier Division during their debut season, finish 2nd with Longridge Town finishing 1st. Avro first two seasons in the Premier Division were cut short due to the COVID Lockdowns, with the occupying 1st place before the 2020/21 season was cut short. The club is currently vying for promotion as the 2021/22 season approaches the halfway point.