Delphlyx is an innovative new platform for decision makers in football. Giving you smart, data-driven tools to strengthen your game.

🔦Unearth talent through data

🧍🏿‍♂️Compare players head-to-head

📈 Use our algorithm to value players

🚀 Condense a wealth of player stats to make more informed decisions

😶 Fight inherent biases of these decisions with anonymous mode


Delphlyx was born out of frustration. Frustration at the expense and resources needed to get data-driven insights. All too often we see clubs buying subscriptions to platforms, only to realise that none of their staff have the capabilities to translate the data into something meaningful. Clubs and agencies then need to pay the platform a consultancy fee to find players through it.

Delphlyx is simple and transparent. Our goal is to allow decision makers at all levels of the game make more informed decisions. We do this by transforming data into something more manageable, something actionable.

Our Beliefs:

Delphlyx is passionate about fighting biases on and off the pitch. Anonymous mode gives you the power to study the data without any unconscious bias.

Football is changing, be part of it.