• Switzerland
12 Sep, 2023
UEFA Nyon, Switzerland
Job information Division / Unit: Operations / Event Overlay Production Contract type: Fixed Term Start date: 20.11.2023 End date: 07.06.2024 Activity rate: 80% Location: Nyon Main goal The Maps & Plans team produces internal and public documentation for all UEFA’s on-site event operations, including maps and plans of the venues, host cities and “last kilometre”. The Maps & Plans Intern will assist the team on various task relating to club competition finals, EURO 2024 and other UEFA events, working closely with the rest of the Maps & Plan team to ensure seamless operations. Key responsibilities - Collecting, compiling and meticulously reviewing briefings received from various internal competence centres - Sharing reviewed briefings with designers in a timely and consistent manner - Performing thorough reviews of maps, ensuring accuracy, completeness and consistency - Assisting in clearly and systematically documenting briefings and...