All our academies share the same values, principles and structure. Pro Football Academy will focus on your child as an individual and their development needs. We’ll give them a safe, secure environment to take risks, be creative and feel confident to learn at their own pace over the long term.

We operate a ‘player-centred’ approach that delivers coaching and guidance on a more individual basis, so that every player can learn and develop at their own pace over the long term.

Overall we will create a professional environment where our players are encouraged to experiment and be creative and have no fear of failure in order to develop their technique and decision making.

It is our vision at Pro Football Academy to develop each and every player to reach their maximum potential as a player and as a person. At Pro Football Academy we understand that each player develops at different rates and no two players have the same development pathway. This is why we have long term player development at the forefront of everything we do.