The Set Pieces

We’re an odd kind of football website. We are small and we are modest, but so was Gianfranco Zola and that never held him back. We launched in January 2015, firmly of the belief that less was more and that a focus on quality instead of quantity would help us create something special. We like to think that it worked.

You will not find any news here because, frankly, the newspapers do it far better. Those searching for conjecture, speculation, gossip, heatmaps and articles entitled “39 players that Jurgen Klopp might buy in the next transfer window,” will also leave empty handed. We don’t want 40,000 hits in a morning because we published a deliberately provocative and entirely unfair assault on your football team.

So what do we do? What will we offer you in this crowded marketplace? Well, we’ll get people who are good at stuff to do stuff that they’re good at. If you’re reading an opinion column here, it’s because the person with the opinion knows stuff. If you’re reading a feature, it’s because the writer has something to tell you.