Play Sports Academy

Play Sports Academy is a science-backed approach and game-based youth sports program. We are dedicated to holistically developing young individuals to help them achieve their maximum potential, both as a person and a player, on and off the field. Through camps, workshops and course impact programs, we partner with student-athletes, parents and coaches to share the DNA of play and learning through sport.

Why PSA exists:

To foster a love of the game and develop a growth mindset where players embrace challenges, learn from experiences, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to mastery, and find meaning and inspiration in the success of others.

Reconstructing Youth Sport

PSA take a purpose-driven approach to developing athletes to succeed in the game, but more importantly, succeed in creating tools that will help athletes throughout their life:

  • We prioritize learning and development over winning
  • We personalize our players' needs through diligent, thoughtful systems
  • We apply engaging, creative methods to learning and practice