Gnistan IF

24 Jan, 2023
Full time
Gnistan IF Mustapekka Areena, Käskynhaltijantie, Helsinki, Finland
Come be a part of our great team of coaches from around the world!    An exciting job opportunity has arisen at Gnistan IF, come to Finland and work with one of the most exciting clubs in the country.    Everyone at Gnistan is dedicated to working as one team and being the best we can be.   Some of the main duties would include:    Support the design and implementation of the goalkeeping curriculum under the guidance of the coaching managers, in line with the Club’s Performance plan.  To provide the necessary environment for young goalkeepers to learn.  In consultation with the coaching managers, organise the weekly schedules for the delivery of specific goalkeeper coaching across the Academy and grassroots of the clubs.  Plan, prepare, deliver, and evaluate coaching sessions in accordance with the goalkeeping syllabus.  Perform required administrative tasks to ensure that each goalkeeper’s...