Millfield School

Millfield is an independent boarding school with outstanding pastoral and co-curricular activities, set in the heart of Somerset. We cater for approximately 1250 pupils aged 13 to 18, all of whom are engaged in sport and physical activities. Millfield Prep School is located 4 miles away in the bustling town of Glastonbury, catering to a further 400 pupils from ages 7 - 13. Both schools have outstanding facilities and a vibrant multisport environment.

The modern world is highly competitive and the way we prepare our children for its demands is more important than ever. Young people today are subject to great pressures and it takes strong personalities to avoid the traps that life has lying in wait. Hence a good school must seek to develop confidence and maturity in all its pupils whatever their strengths and weaknesses. 

All individuals have different needs and therefore a variety of opportunities must be available to enable each one to achieve success. They must learn to apply themselves to academic work but must also be encouraged to express their other talents. 

With its outstanding facilities, a staff:pupil ratio of 1:7.5, an extraordinary range of academic courses and the unrivalled strength of its extra-curricular programme, Millfield strives to achieve all these aims.

We pride ourselves on the richness and diversity of the Millfield experience as well as the friendly atmosphere within our community.