Sporting Club Enfield

  • Enfield, UK

Sporting Club Enfield initially will look to establish a community programme with the aim to make a positive cultural, social and educational contribution through all facets of sports, with football and boxing being the start. 

We aim to embark on a journey to be ambitions and build on the highly acclaimed and successful initiatives delivered in from all of members over the recent years elsewhere within the community and field of sports. A major implementation to enable us to deliver these ambitions is to create the Sporting Club Enfield Social Partnership as a registered Charity and through which we will seek to focus on this aspect of Our Club. Working in partnership with our local community our ambitions are to deliver a wide range of initiatives to help address issues such as inter community prejudice, social inclusion, education and training as well as health and crime prevention.

It also works towards enhancing Sporting Club Enfield’s relationships with its local community and help create an inclusive and family orientated atmosphere at Sporting Club Enfield that promotes good relations in Enfield and the community at large.