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  • Hull, UK
East Riding FA Hull, UK
26 Mar, 2021
Part time
We are looking for individuals to help ensure our Football Disciplinary Commission Panels are seen as independent and also diverse to better reflect the population in our County. Whether you are a coach, player, league official, club official, referee or simply a football fan with a passion for football governance, we would love to hear from you. Discipline Commissions A Discipline Commission is convened to consider all football Misconduct charges, whether the response to the charge is accepted or denied. A Misconduct Charge is issued where an incident is reported which does not fall under standard (red card) dismissal offences or is a serious offence. For example, a participant can be charged with Misconduct following being sent from the field of play, but before doing so directs abusive/insulting comments towards a match official. There are two main types of hearing: 1) Personal Hearing: Attended by the person charged together with witnesses for both the County FA and the...