Bloomsbury Football

  • London, UK

The best football experience in London!

Bloomsbury Football Foundation uses the power of football to improve the lives of young people in London.

We offer sustainable programmes that support active lifestyles, promote positive impacts and pursue full potentials.


Social Cohesion

Educational separations and inequalities in the UK have led to a divided landscape for young people. We aim to bring children from different socio-economic backgrounds back together, through football.


Equality of Opportunity

We provide the opportunity for every child to experience a professional environment, with the highest calibre coaches and facilities in Central London. Those that can afford to, support those that cannot. We are reliant on the generosity of businesses, individuals, and grant-giving organisations to fund financially-assisted places. No child should grow up without the sense of belonging and excitement that sport can offer.


Physical and Mental Wellbeing

At Bloomsbury, we take the physical and mental wellbeing of young people seriously. High levels of obesity, a lack of physical activity in schools, and a lack of facilities and funding for youth sport, worry us. Children enjoy taking part in our engaging and exciting programmes, all of which involve high intensity exercise, the cornerstone of fitness.


Sporting Excellence

We pursue sporting excellence in everything we do. We provide and uphold the highest level of coaching and facilities to allow young people to reach the highest level of achievement. We want every child inspired to accomplish their aims, whether it's kicking a ball for the first time, or signing for a Premier League club. From their first goals to their life goals, we're here to support them.