"Tactalyse can help every individual footballer or the whole team. Through our structured analyses we make the invisible visible, making it possible to improve your tactical abilities. By visualizing similar game situations and the tactical decisions made in those situations, we can create tactical awareness in that situation. Players and coaches will start to quickly recognize specific situations, enabling them to anticipate on that situation."

Tactalyse Remote
05 Apr, 2021
Part time
Self-employed license holder Tactalyse has a unique opportunity for becoming a license holder. The company developed a license structure where international self-employed entrepreneurs can join Tactalyse and work with and under the brand of Tactalyse. The company uses a work environment in which employees can work remotely and will experience a lot of freedom. You will be educated within the company according to the self-developed unique methodology of Tactalyse. Based on this method, you will make players tactically aware and you will improve their overall (tactical) game. The company offers two types of license holders, where you can grow from a part-timer towards a full-timer. This means that committing to a long-term project with the company is required. You will be responsible for giving online tactical video classes to professional youth football players. The video coach will be paid by a commission percentage, besides this the self-employed license holder needs to be...