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Northumbria University Newcastle, UK
02 Nov, 2020
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About the Project The demands of Academy football match-play include a requirement to cover distances of ~7-11 km (Goto et al., 2015), perform explosive bouts of skill-based work (Stolen et al., 2005) and run at high intensities (>3.0 m s−2) for up to 375 ± 120 m per half (Russell et al., 2015), whilst eliciting mean whole-match intensities of 70-80% V̇O2max (Bangsbo, 2010). The ability to sustain such demands is integral to the performance outcome (Krustrup et al., 2006), as match-related fatigue has been reported both transiently throughout a game (Krustrup et al. 2006) and from 45 min onwards (Harper et al., 2016; Russell et al., 2015; Russell et al., 2011; Mohr et al., 2005). Although fatigue is likely multifaceted in origin, previous studies have highlighted the role of both habitual and pre-exercise nutritional status on the ability to maintain performance and to enable effective recovery (Anderson et al., 2016). Habitual energy intake, and in...