Lincolnshire FA

  • Lincolnshire, UK
Lincolnshire FA Lincolnshire, UK
13 Oct, 2021
Our Organisation  The Lincolnshire Football Association (LFA) is the not-for-profit governing body of football in Lincolnshire. It is a private company limited by guarantee not having a share capital. This is an exciting time for football and the LFA hopes to use the power of football to build a better future for the game in Lincolnshire and to lead the successful development of the sport at every level across the county. Today we have over 1,800 teams under our banner, stretching across one of the largest geographical counties in the country. We have delegated powers from the FA to manage rules and regulations to ensure fair play in the grass roots game, both on and off the pitch. Now is a challenging and interesting time for football. The Directors of the LFA direct and monitor the business affairs of the Association, by deciding the vision, strategy, plans, policies and financial investment required to achieve the overall long-term business aims. The Association is...