Stonewall FC

Stonewall FC was established in February 1991 in London, when one of our founding members placed an advert in a gay publication, asking if like minded people wanted to play competitive football.
​Over thirty years on from that first season in the Sportsmans Senior Sunday Football League, we have grown in membership now fielding four competitive men's focused 11-a-side teams, two competitive Women & Non-binary teams and offering regular training and recreational 5-a-side football.
​Throughout this journey, the club have also gone on to achieve a number of international tournament successes, with a Stonewall FC team reaching the final of every LGBT tournament we've entered, since the year 2000.
One thing that hasn’t changed since the clubs inception, is our commitment to creating footballing environments where people can be comfortable as their authentic-selves.
Through this ambition, we are proud to have been a driving force in helping tackle discrimination within the game and will continue to challenge homophobia, transphobia and biphobia through the universal language of football.
​Stonewall FC will continue to be a safe space for anyone who wishes to get involved with football.