Public Address Announcer

  • Minnesota Aurora FC
  • St Paul, MN, USA
  • 12 May, 2024
Part time Digital Media

Job Description

Minnesota Aurora FC is a community-owned women’s soccer team based in the Twin Cities with
more than 3000 community owners across 48 states and eight countries. The club has two teams
and plays in the pre-professional USL W League and UPSL Women’s League, starring and featuring
the best amateur and aspiring pro players from Minnesota and across the globe. The club is operated
by a women-led front office and coaching staff.

Inclusivity: We uphold and defend the right for all people to live without hatred, violence, and
discrimination by committing to and prioritizing equality in every decision we make.
Empowerment: We champion the advancement and freedom of women and gender-expansive
individuals by investing in their greatness on and off the field.
Accessibility: We ensure soccer is for everyone by removing barriers and creating more equitable
access to soccer for players and fans.
Transformation: We spark positive change in soccer, women’s sports, and communities by fostering
transparency, humility, innovation, and collaboration.

A Public Address (PA) Announcer conveys information to fans on game days. The PA Announcer is a
critical member of the game day team and contributes heavily to the overall fan experience. As the
“voice” on game days, the announcer clearly communicates announcements, articulates script/copy
reads, accurately pronounces the names of people and businesses, helps facilitate half-time activities
in partnership with Aurora staff, and in general creates hype and energy with fans. This position will
work closely with the Manager of Game Day and Events and the Aurora Production team.
This position will be expected to be able to prepare for and work all Aurora and/or Aurora 2 home
games. The schedule can be found here: https:/ and

● Prepare for the upcoming game; this includes but is not limited to familiarizing yourself with
and practicing the names of all Aurora players and opponents, reviewing and practicing the
script more than once, asking all questions and points for clarification, and printing and
annotating the script as needed for personal comfort
● Meet with the Manager of Game Day and Events to review schedules and exchange
information about details, such as performers, starting lineups, special events, etc
● Arrive prepared at least one hour prior to the start of the game
● Enhance game day experience by giving enthusiastic energy to keep the crowd engaged
● Accurately pronounce all Aurora player and competitor names
● Read the prepared script that includes sponsor copy, announcements, and describes
pre-game, half-time, and post-game activities
● Announce all pertinent game information, including goals, substitutions, stoppages, etc.
● Interface with the Aurora Production team throughout the game regarding special
announcements and changes
● Interface with the officiating team throughout the event when necessary
● Calmly enunciate any emergency announcements as provided by administration

● Intermediate knowledge of soccer and the rules of the game
● Comfort speaking to audiences of 5,000+
● Experience public address announcing, broadcasting, public speaking, or other assoc
● Ability to pronounce names that originate in a multitude of languages
● Ability to be spontaneous and react quickly as appropriate
● Comfort working alongside Manager of Game Day Events and Aurora production team
● Ability to entertain fans and keep the energy up throughout the game day
● Ability to observe and react to events on the field in order to accurately announce information
● Ability to stay calm in fast-paced environment and in emergency situations

● $25/hr, seasonally (late May - July or end of season)

● Discounted Aurora merchandise
● Limited edition staff Aurora Jersey
● Network and build relationships with MN Aurora leadership and Minnesota Vikings Ventures