Medical Specialist

  • UEFA
  • Nyon
  • 02 Feb, 2024
Full time Medical

Job Description

Job information

Division / Unit: Football / Medical
Contract type: Permanent
Start date: 01.04.2024
Location: Nyon

Main goal

Support and facilitate research into football-related medical topics as well as new education projects, fostering the development of sports medicine insights and contributing to the overall health and welfare of players.

Key responsibilities

- Leading and managing the planning, execution and evaluation of UEFA's medical research projects
- Working with and providing support to the UEFA Research Advisor
- Coordinating research activities with relevant departments within UEFA to ensure medical findings are seamlessly integrated into the organisation's policies and practices
- Supporting the production of UEFA’s injury studies and the integration and cross-analysis of injury data with other UEFA databases
- Drafting contracts with potential researchers together with UEFA's legal department and managing all related invoices
- Overseeing the UEFA Medical Research Grant Programme and all related administrative projects such as document reviews, video calls and reporting
- Staying abreast of current trends, scientific advancements and emerging issues in sports medicine to inform UEFA’s research priorities
- Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, including medical professionals, researchers and sports organisations, to enhance collaborative research efforts
- Supporting the organisation of UEFA's education programmes to share research findings and promote best practices in sports medicine among UEFA staff, players and affiliated organisations
- Collaborating with UEFA's communication team to create information materials and resources for a broader audience
- Representing UEFA at medical conferences, workshops and forums to establish and strengthen connections with the global sports medicine community


Experience required:
- From 4 to 6 years' experience working on research in the medical/performance field for a sports organisation

- Bachelor's Sports science

- English / Proficient
- French or German are an asset

Additional requirements:
- Skills in statistical analysis and use of tools such as "R-projects"
- An affinity with and proven record in football research would be a strong asset
- MS Office / Advanced
- Project Management / Basic