Head of Education at CO Rapids Youth Soccer Club

  • Colorado Soccer Association
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • 09 Jan, 2021
Full time Education Leadership & Management

Job Description

JOB FUNCTIONS: Architecture

  • Plan, Execute and Evaluate a club wide strategy for soccer education relative to every level of soccer coached at the club.
  • Be creative, innovative and connected in how a CRYSC Coach Education Strategy is related to our Technical Plan and wider club vision as a whole.
  • Work with key staff on the creation of a podcast series the seeks to share CRYSC expertise and utilize our network of valuable contacts to speak on key soccer development issues or industry relevance
  • Create, manage and evolve programs that recruit, educate and stimulate a positive learning environment for every coaching member of the club
  • Oversee the creation of a multi-educational pathway for coaches whose content will be relevant to coaches working within various ages and stages of players
  • Create and manage the provision of modules that will form a ‘specialist’ educational pathway for coaches seeking to upskill themselves in areas of Futsal, Scouting and Sport Science and Performance
  • Work to incorporate staff from the technical partnership with the Colorado Rapids into CRYSC education, focusing on player development and the range of valuable experiences they can provide
  • Work in collaboration with DU CPEX Program to create appropriate educational resources for staff that supports their understanding and learning in the area of Sports Psychology

Club Wide Education

  • Lead Regional Directors of Player and Coach Development in the development of resources, tools and methodology that will allow for the successful implementation of regional education that is consistent club wide.
  • Lead the creation and planning of an annual calendar of club wide education opportunities that suits the needs of coaches at Recreation, Select, and Competitive level
  • Work with Regional Directors of Player and Coach Development on the implementation of parent education workshops that clearly explain the philosophy, pathway of the club and other educational topics as necessary such as ‘Let Them Play’
  • Create and collaborate on a club-wide mentor program within the club that looks to support and enhance the coaching abilities of the CRYSC workforce from novice volunteers to experienced full-time staff
  • Project manage the planning, delivery, and implementation of CRYSC full time staff ‘residential’ educational camp
  • Implement the clubs coach survey process and seek to address through short and long term projects the areas of improvement that it presents
  • Oversee the evolution of CRYSC innovative online education platform – EDUCATE and its component parts
  • Lead and contribute to specific regional coach recruitment initiatives aimed at increasing the diversity of our coaching staff across under-represented groups such as females and various cultural communities.
  • Create and implement a mechanic of providing every coaching member within the club with an individualized coach development plan, that will serve to support their journey in education and better equip them to serve our playing membership
  • Create and own the implementation of CRYSC Coach Scholarship and Reimbursement scheme
  • Manage the creation and implementation of CRYSC onboarding program relative to the age and stage of coaches
  • Create and Manage club wide International and Domestic Study Visits program

Collaboration & Management

  • Adhere to the club’s 24 hour communication policy in all forms of communication; email and voicemail
  • Work with communication staff to promote the values of coach education to the public and represent the high quality coach education initiatives we provide
  • Contribute to the discussion on coach placement at teams across the club.
  • Management of the Digital Coach Education Director position and its associated KPIs.
  • Management of the Director of Select Player and Coach Development and Recruitment and its associated KPIs
  • Collaboration to the CRYSC Player Development Plan alongside other senior Technical Staff.
  • Creation and management of innovative partnerships with various establishments designed to improve the clubs education provision across multiple subject matters.


  • Strategic Plan for CRYSC Coach Education - A long term strategic vision including markers has been established that guides where, when and how opportunities for education are provided and the impact they should have.
  • Range of Coaching Opportunities – A high quality, annual program of regular club wide and regional coach education opportunities exist at EVERY age and stage of player development within the club. These educational opportunities conform to the methodologies and outcomes of the CRYSC PDP
  • Coach Development Plans – A innovative, engaging and needs based Coach Development Plan has been created and completed for every coach and a mentor that will support their learning journey
  • Quality of Coaching Experience – Via regular appraisal of our educational opportunities, our coaching members have a feeling of support and development in their journey as a CRYSC coach
  • Innovation in Education – Via our club surveys we know that CRYSC is perceived both internally and externally as an innovative and progressive club with regards to its approach to education its coaching members
  • Playing Style – Our playing style is visible to spectators, players and coaches as an attractive and effective way of playing the game. It is clear to see and consistent in its application across the club. All of our educational programs should reference the rationale, need and components of our playing style.
  • Online Education Platform serves the needs of our coaches - By the end of year 1, RISE 2.0 is completed and includes a fully integrated and functioning LMS system that serves the educational needs of players, coaches and parents.
  • Success of Colleagues - The average level of staff qualification has increased in terms of formal USSF,USC Licensure as well as the frequency of attendance at CRYSC and other educational opportunities. Additionally, staff under the supervision and management of this role are achieving their KPIs as we continuing to move the club forwards in the education environment


  • Have extensive experience in Coach Education both as a deliverer and developer of content
  • Minimum 7 years soccer coaching experience
  • Exceptional soccer knowledge
  • Experience in management of programming at a high level
  • Formal qualifications - USSF A-Licencing (or equivalents)
  • Has an enthusiasm and passion for education and soccer
  • Is an exceptional communicator with outstanding interpersonal relationship building, employee coaching and development skills
  • Ability to recruit and motivate remarkable staff and coaches and to help them succeed
  • Exceptional multitasking skills with the ability to tend to multiple problems at a time
  • Highly effective problem-solving skills, especially in situations of high stress
  • Strong knowledge of Club policies, goals and standards
  • Ability to generate a variety of reports and presentations displaying club wide performance
  • Strong customer service skills in the areas of handling disputes and treating member families with care
  • Independent worker not requiring constant supervision
  • Preferable
  • Degree in Sports Related Topic (or similar relevant education / Professional Playing experience)
  • Certification in ‘soft skills’ modules (Desirable)
  • Certification in Topic specific certification (Desirable: Such as….)
  • Bi-Lingual
  • Multi-club experience (i.e. Multiple environments/ways of working)


  • Technical Director


  • Online Education and Digital Content Manager. LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES:

We aim to ensure that this role remains at the forefront of development and as such will look to support the appointed person in their own personal development in areas:

  • Business Education
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic and Project Management Planning
  • Using technology at an executive level
  • ‘Soft’ core skill development
  • Managing at executive level
  • Formal Qualifications
  • Courses in sport performance/development
  • High level national association/confederation licence/modules
  • Engagement with National association/confederation events/programs
  • Delivery of coach education as a tutor/mentor
  • Delivery of club wide elements of education strategy
  • Attendance at non-Rapids events
  • MLS Academy events
  • NWSL events