Head Girls' Soccer Coach

  • Delaware Schools Consortium
  • Clayton, Delaware, DE, USA
  • 06 Jan, 2021
Full time Coaching Leadership & Management Womens Football

Job Description


  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
  • Teaching Certificate Preferred
  • Previous coaching experience Preferred
  • Familiarity with DIAA rules, regulations, procedures, and policies
  • Preferential consideration may be given to staff members in the Laurel School District
  • Ability to work effectively with staff, students and parents; familiarity with school/DIAA rules, regulations, procedures and policies
  • Applicant must demonstrate a level of knowledge and/or experience appropriate to the position    


  • Communicates with assistant coaches in regards to roles, duties, and expectations
  • Cooperates with requests for information from the athletic office on time
  • Abides by all relevant Board of Education policies and administrative guidelines
  • Attends DIAA rules interpretation and all-conference meetings
  • Cooperates with team booster club to enhance the athletes’ experience as team members
  • Recommends scheduling and officiating requests to the Athletic Director
  • Follows proper budget and purchase order procedures
  • Maintains and updates team and individual records
  • Supervises practice area and locker room when athletes are present
  • Publicizes team and individual accomplishments to the media and school
  • Demonstrates care of school facilities and equipment
  • Prepares a detailed inventory of team equipment and updates it after each session
  • Submits end-of-season list of award winners at least one week prior to the team banquet


  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for working with school athletes
  • Communicates effectively with athletes and parents
  • Establishes and maintains good rapport with faculty, administration, and coaching staff
  • Promotes all school activities and encourages students to participate in a variety of activities
  • Maintains cooperative and professional relations with the media regarding team information, statistics, and interviews
  • Keeps commitments and is punctual
  • Shows an interest in and monitors the academic progress of student athletes, implementing intervention plans through       appropriate staff when needed
  • Supports team as well as individual accomplishments
  • Cooperates with the athletic trainer in regards to athletes’ physical well being
  • Works with coaches at levels below high school to develop athletes


  • Conducts self in a professional and sportsmanlike manner at all times
  • Teaches the fundamental philosophy, skills, and knowledge essential to the sport
  • Develops a well-organized practice schedule with specific objectives for each practice
  • Uses personnel and strategies effectively
  • Praises athletes for positive performances
  • Offers constructive feedback for unfavorable performances
  • Promotes and monitors effective individual and team conduct at practice, during meets, and in our schools and community in efforts to support the expected image and reputation of The Laurel School District
  • Plans, directs, and maintains rigorous practices in which ALL student athletes participate at honing the fundamentals of the sport daily via position work, group work, and team work segments of practice
  • Provides opportunities for as many team members as possible to participate, depending upon their abilities
  • Team’s performance reflects enthusiasm, motivation, proper fundamentals, and sportsmanship
  • Learns new strategies and trends by attending clinics and reading coaching publications