First Team Physical Development Coach (Women)

  • Fulham Football Club
  • Fulham Football Club - Training Ground
  • 14 May, 2023
Casual Coaching Premier League Soccer Coach Womens Football

Job Description

  • Lead on the planning and delivery of all aspects of the Physical Development programme across FFCW 1st Team (gym and conditioning based work included). 
  • Ensure individual physical load is managed effectively across the whole squad during training and match days. 
  • Ensure all physical data from training and match days is effectively collected, processed and reported on to FFCW Head Coach. 
  • Ensure ‘best practice’ is used throughout FFCW with specific regards to enhancing the physical performance of the players. 
  • Ensure each player has an appropriate physical‘Individual Development Plan’. 
  • Lead on ensuring FFCW have access to required supplements to support physical performance. 
  • Lead on the functional football programme for any returning injured players. 
  • Undertake continued professional development. 
  • Support the highest levels of safeguarding. 
  • Lead, where appropriate, on physical development workshops with players. 
  • Attend all staff and player meetings as directed by the FFCW Head Coach.