Head of Grounds – Training Ground

  • Fulham Football Club
  • Fulham Football Club - Training Ground
  • 14 May, 2023
Full time Groundsman Health & Safety Leadership & Management Maintenance Premier League

Job Description

Managing a team of 6 Grounds Staff, including allocation of tasks, rota, and performance management. 

Managing the P&L and Capex Submissions for your department. 



  1. Grounds Maintenance:
    • Oversee all aspects of grounds maintenance, including mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, aeration, and pest control, to ensure that playing surfaces are in optimum condition.
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive turf management program to enhance the quality, playability, and appearance of the training ground's playing surfaces.
    • Monitor weather conditions and adjust maintenance practices accordingly to ensure the long-term health of the turf.
  2. Equipment Management:
    • Manage the inventory, operation, and maintenance of all groundskeeping equipment, such as mowers, aerators, tractors, and irrigation systems.
    • Coordinate with suppliers to ensure the timely delivery of necessary materials and equipment for groundskeeping activitie
    • Conduct regular inspections and routine maintenance of equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  1. Team Management:
    • Supervise and lead a team of groundskeeping staff, providing guidance, training, and performance feedback to maintain a high level of professionalism and efficiency.
    • Schedule work assignments, ensuring appropriate coverage for all groundskeeping tasks, including match preparations, training sessions, and events.
    • Foster a positive and collaborative work environment that encourages teamwork and professional growth.
  2. Pitch Preparation and Event Support:
    • Collaborate with the coaching staff and facility management to prepare playing surfaces for training sessions, matches, and events, ensuring compliance with regulations and player safety standards.
    • Coordinate with other departments to support the logistical requirements of events, such as setting up and dismantling equipment, signage, and temporary facilities.
  3. Budgeting and Planning:
    • Assist in developing and managing the annual groundskeeping budget, ensuring resources are allocated effectively to meet maintenance goals.
    • Conduct research on emerging trends, techniques, and equipment in the field of groundskeeping, and make recommendations for continuous improvement.
  1. End of Season Pitch Renovations:
    • Plan and execute end-of-season pitch renovations, including scarification, overseeding, topdressing, and other necessary procedures to restore and rejuvenate the playing surfaces.
    • Collaborate with external contractors or suppliers to ensure the availability of required resources and equipment for pitch renovation projects.
    • Monitor and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the renovation process, adjusting as needed to achieve desired results.
  2. Project Management of Pitch Reconstructions:
    • Oversee the planning and execution of pitch reconstruction projects, ensuring compliance with budgetary constraints, timelines, and quality standards.
    • Coordinate with external consultants, contractors, and suppliers to develop comprehensive project plans, including site preparation, drainage systems, turf installation, and establishment.
    • Monitor the progress of reconstruction projects, conducting regular site inspections, and addressing any issues or challenges that arise.
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, such as facility management, coaching staff, and operations teams, to ensure minimal disruption to training schedules and activities during reconstruction projects.