Academy BTEC Tutor

  • Harrogate Town AFC
  • Harrogate, UK
  • 26 Feb, 2023
Contractor Education EFL

Job Description

Purpose of Role - To work with League Football Education (LFE) to provide high-quality learning experiences that meet the needs of learners and maintain the highest professional standards in the delivery of vocational qualifications to apprentices.


Key Responsibilities

·         Teach the apprentices for the specified number of hours in your contract and create an inspiring learning environment that challenges and supports all apprentices.

·         Complete an annual assessment plan for the units you will be delivering.

·         Mark apprentices work on the EMS and complete associated administration within 10 working days of the learners submitting.

·         Provide detailed individual feedback to each apprentice on their progress, challenging the development of academic skills including English and math.

·         Plan and organise delivery to ensure good/outstanding lessons are taught.

·         Support apprentices using a variety of teaching and learning methods to maximise apprentice potential.

·         Utilise LFE teaching resources and CPD opportunities fully and effectively to enhance learner experience and employability skills.

·         Consistently conduct formative assessments to monitor apprentice progress. Use the information from these assessment checks to inform teaching.

·         Encourage apprentices to reflect on their own learning experiences and to monitor their own progress.

·         Establish open, motivational and trusting relationships with apprentices.

·         Encourage apprentices to take responsibility for their own learning.

·         Contribute to the regular (approximately 12-weekly) formal LFE review process, as per the BTEC tutor guidance, for each apprentice.

·         Liaise with LFE’s Lead internal verifier to ensure assessment is appropriate and that apprentice work satisfies awarding body criteria.

·         Comply with external verification requirements of LFE’s awarding body and provide if requested, access to apprentices and samples of work for scrutiny when requested.

·         Attend LFE training events i.e. LFE standardisation meetings and conferences, as required.

·         Attend/participate in meetings and other events as required.

·         Comply with LFE’s cycle of observations of teaching, learning and assessment.

·         Play an active part in your own professional development and undertake continual professional development. Maintain a portfolio of your CPD to demonstrate continuing vocational and occupational competence.

·         Support and motivate the U18’s, to deliver the apprentice curriculum, academy philosophy and push high standards at all times.

·         Work with the Head of Education with the identification, co-ordination, and delivery of individual development plans for all players within the phase.

·         Contribute to the building of a library of academy best practice sessions mirroring the philosophy.

Other Responsibilities:-

·         Observing and complying with relevant LFE policies and procedures. You should ensure familiarity with your obligations to yourself, colleagues and others on health and safety and equal opportunities ensuring that you:

·         Help eliminate discrimination by ensuring the practical application of the equality, diversity and inclusion policy and reporting incidents of discrimination to an appropriate person.

·         Act responsibly with regards to your own health and safety and that of colleagues and apprentices ensuring any risks are reported and dealt with.

·         Comply with LFE and the club’s safeguarding policies.

·         Fully support the quality improvement strategy and be committed to continuous improvements in the standard of your work. You should ensure wherever possible that the quality of the apprentice welfare, success and experience is positive and improving and remains the focus of your activity.

·         Undertake any other duties commensurate with the post, which may be assigned from time to time.

Management, Communication, and Organisation

·         Communicate with players and parents through various methods, approved by the club and/or LFE.

·         Work closely with the Academy Management Team to support your daily tasks and the multi-disciplinary development of every player in the phase across the 4 corners by developing, delivering, recording, and reviewing Individual Learning Plans.

·         Work closely with the Head of Education and the Academy team to manage the player development process contributing and reporting on performance, progression, ILP’s, transition between age groups, and multi-disciplinary reviews.


Other Key Responsibilities

·         Present all information to the Academy Manager and Academy Secretary as required and in line with EFL Youth Development Rules and deadlines.

·         Continually challenge and look to enhance the academy environment through new ideas.

·         Support the culture of, and represent the club, in the best possible light at all times.

·         Attend and contribute (when required) to all CPD as instructed by the Head of Education.

·         Always adheres to the club Code of Conduct and understand and adheres to the Club’s safeguarding procedures.