Football Development Coach

£75 - £150 weekly
  • Generation Football
  • Feltham, UK
  • 18 Sep, 2022
Part time Coaching

Job Description

Our Mission

To aid players on their journey to reaching their full potential, and playing at the highest level they can.

We want all players we work with to forge a career in Professional Football.


About Us

We are a unique, independent, High Performance Centre; one of the first of its kind in the UK.

We aim to provide Football Development services to players from 6 years through to Senior Professionals.

We have a bespoke, indoor facility, utilising state-of-the-art technology, giving us an objective, data-driven approach.

Services include elite standard of;

> Football specific coaching

> Strength and Conditioning coaching

> Mindset coaching

> Lifestyle mentoring

We aim for our facility to rival that of a Cat 1 Academy.


Our services will be available for all, meaning;

  1. Grassroots players can access Academy standard coaching, equipment and facilities

  2. Players at Cat 2 and 3 clubs can access Cat 1 standard equipment and facilities

  3. All players can access the latest state-of-the-art Technology and Data, usually only accessible for First Team Senior players

  4. Access to transparent data and networking, putting the individual player first, and not the club

  5. Senior players, playing at ‘non-league’ level, will have access to coaching and resources usually only offered by professional clubs.


Your Role

There will be two areas to the job role.

Firstly, delivering elite level Football sessions to individual/small groups of players.

We have a coach to player ratio of 1:4.

Some sessions maybe 1-2-1. Some maybe up to 4 players.

Secondly, being one of the first appointments at Generation Football, you’ll be able to work with the Management team to build out our syllabus.

We aim to develop a trail blazing development programme to help players continue to climb the levels of Football and make sure they reach their full potential.


Who we are looking for

A coach with incredible passion for player development.

Highly motivated and committed to helping players reach their full potential.

Open minded and welcoming of technology and data within Football development and coaching.

Considerable experience and expertise with pre-Academy and Foundation phase players.

Desire to want to work with all players to improve them and help them level up.

Ability to work with both Grassroots and Academy level players.


Specific qualifications

At a minimum, the successful candidate will hold a UEFA C Licence and have extensive experience of Academy Football, having worked within Academy Football as recently as 2 years ago, but may not currently be attached to a club.

Preferred requirements include UEFA B Licence, and currently working within Academy Football.


Our Values

We strongly believe that all players should be able to access the resources required for them to fulfil their potential.

All players should be able to do everything they can to chase their dream of playing professional Football.

We feel judgements on players are made to early, and often not at the right time for the player.

We feel no players journey in Football is complete until they have reached the highest level they possibly can.

We believe there is a fundamental flaw in Long Term Player Development, and we believe we have the ability to change that.


Our Vision

Our Players

Gen FTBL is offering a unique service, helping players of all backgrounds and ability levels, develop and improve their game, allowing them to play at the highest level they can.

We want all our players to be making individual progress, leading to making progress within their clubs, and moving on to higher level clubs where appropriate.

When our players approach 16 years, we’ll still be playing an active role in their journey, helping them forge a career in the professional game.

We will be the staple in a players journey, and help them navigate the very, very tricky path to fulfilling their potential.


Our Performance Centre

We want to be globally recognised as leaders in the Football development space.

Independent, our doors will be open for all players.

A team of coaches who’s career is to help players fulfil their potential.

And a facility that houses state-of-the-art technology and the latest resources available for Football players.