Fire Safety Steward

  • Chelsea FC
  • Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, UK
  • 21 Jul, 2021
Part time Health & Safety Premier League Stadia & Operations

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Fire Steward
DEPARTMENT: Match Day Safety
REPORTING TO: Safety Officer
JOB FUNCTION: To act in accordance with the general recommendations of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide) and the specific requirements of the Safety Certificate issued by the Local Authority under the Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975. Fire Stewards play a key role in the event day safety team ensuring that the Stadium provides a safe and secure environment to the thousands of visitors and staff who attend throughout the year. You’ll become the focal point for all fire safety issues, providing preventive advice and measures in emergency situations. You’ll form part of the Fire Response Team, acting as the “eyes and ears” within your designated area.
DIRECT REPORTS: Lead Fire Steward
LOCATION: Chelsea Football Club Sites (Stamford Bridge or Kingsmeadow Stadium)
CONTRACT: Casual Contract 
•     To support Chelsea FC with the delivery of safe events, offering high quality service to all persons present.
•     To ensure at all times the Stewards Code of Conduct is adhered to.
•     To follow safeguarding policies and procedures as outlined by Chelsea FC and report any safeguarding/welfare incidents that may take place during, before and after an event.
•     To communicate your availability efficiently & effectively with Chelsea FC and assist in all activities as requested by the Match Day Safety Team. Attend in-service training sessions when required and maintain the Chelsea FC fit for purpose criteria in adherence with the terms and conditions of the Sessional Worker Engagement Agreement.
•     Attend pre match briefings and post-match debriefings, to sign in and out and to determine duties. 
•     Know the location of and be able to operate effectively, if trained and safe to do so, the fire-fighting equipment and First Aid Equipment kept within the Stadium and conduct initial fire-fighting measures if required.
•     Be fully conversant with any methods or signals used to alert staff that an Emergency has arisen and comply promptly with any instruction given in an emergency by the Chief Steward, Lead Fire Steward, Assistant Safety Officer, Safety Officer or a Police Officer.
•     Be capable of recognising potential fire hazards and suspect items, whilst reporting such findings immediately to the Lead Fire Steward, Chief Steward, Assistant Safety Officer or the Safety Officer.
•     Identify and investigate any incident or occurrence among Spectators, reporting their findings to the Lead Fire Steward, Chief Steward, Assistant Safety Officer or the Safety Officer.
•     Monitor the Spectators throughout the Stadium for signs of distress or overcrowding and take action in accordance with standing instructions.
•     Prevent migration to places of assembly and fire exits by ensuring the Spectator limits in various parts of the Stadium are complied with and as far as possible, from climbing fences and other structures and from standing on seats.
•     Ensure that gangways and exits are kept clear at all times.
•     Assist in accordance with the Club’s Contingency Plans during any emergency incidents, pitch incursion/invasion and evacuation of the Stadium.
•     Develop an excellent knowledge of the geographical layout of the Stadium in which you are employed, in particular its entry and exit routes and to know the emergency evacuation messages as relevant to all areas of the Stadium.
•     Being proactive and reactive is paramount; responding to all fire alarm activations, either upon a fire alarm activation or visual, and assisting with coordinating the orderly evacuation of the area affected if required.
•     Support the Lead Fire Steward and the Safety Officer in ensuring compliance with current legislation and maintaining Fire Safety across the business.
•     Respond and investigate all fires and fire alarm activation across the Stadium and reporting all findings.
•     Reporting any issues surrounding fire safety such as missing fire extinguishers, a build-up of materials in fire escape routes and blocked fire exits.
•     Liaising with event day Safety Stewards throughout the day on all fire safety issues.
•     Conduct thorough pre event checks and on-going patrols in designated areas.
•     Represent Chelsea FC in a professional manner at all times and only undertake Chelsea FC work and any other additional authorised paid work with organisations that does not risk a conflict of interest.
•     Positive Attitude.
•     Currently be in possession of or working towards a Level 2 in Spectator Safety qualification.
•     First Aid Certification.
•     Good communication and organisation skills.
•     Ability to organise and motivate team members.
•     Able to work within a structured environment and follow policy and procedures.
•     Currently serving or previous Fire Service experience.
•     Knowledge and experience of working with a Stadia environment.
•     Experience of working within the sport industry.
•     Ability to engage with others hard to both internal and external stakeholders.
The Employee must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to Chelsea Football Club policies and procedures in particular Health & Safety, Financial Authorisation, Confidentiality and with regard to the Data Protection Act. The Employee must act to protect all young people and vulnerable adults that are in their care or attending the Company's premises. The Employee must report any misconduct or suspected misconduct to the Safeguarding Lead.
Chelsea Football Club and the Foundation is fully committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children, young people and adults at risk (vulnerable groups) that are in our care or attending our premises. As a consequence, Chelsea FC may require any successful applicants to complete a DBS Check prior to working at our premises. Successful applicants may also be required to undergo other child protection screening appropriate to the post applied for. 
The Employee must ensure a positive commitment towards equality and diversity by treating others fairly and not committing any form of direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation or harassment of any description and to promote positive working relations amongst Employees and customers.  
The above Job Description is not intended to be exhaustive, the duties and responsibilities may therefore vary over time according to the changing needs of the Club.