Chief Executive

  • Stenhousemuir FC
  • Stenhousemuir, UK
  • 21 Jul, 2021
Full time Business & Commercial Charity Community Finance Leadership & Management

Job Description

The Board at Stenhousemuir FC is inviting applications for the post of Chief Executive.  This is a full-time role.

SFC is a progressive club, having been the first professional club in the UK to transfer to a Community Interest Company.  This gave the club the platform to build one of the biggest community football programmes in Scotland.  This continues to grow and will be supplemented this year by the establishment of a full charitable arm within Stenhousemuir FC.

The club has recently adopted a new model for its football operations and a strategic working group provides direct support to the first team manager and his management team.  This support includes strategic direction, analysis and scouting.  The CEO provides a support function to the Manager and the Working Group.

A commercial working group has been established to support the CEO in driving a commercial marketing plan across all parts of club operations.

The CEO will also be responsible for managing club staff and for liaising with our partners.  They will also have day to day responsibility for the financial management of the business and report in to the Board.

Stenhousemuir FC has a strong place in the community and this is reflected in the club’s vision statement which states we are “To be leaders in our community and inspire our fans by being a successful football club that provides opportunities for everyone to participate in sport, achieve their full potential and be positive active citizens.”

The club plays a strong role in modernising and advancing the professional game in Scotland.


Role purpose

To positively impact all operations and strategy of Stenhousemuir Football Club CIC and to develop a successful team and progressive club.

People Management (20%)


• Line Manger to all staff within the organisation

• Support, mentor, appraise, recruit and assess all staff within the organisation

• Provide a link between the Board of Directors and the staffing team. Report to the BoD on all aspects of the club's operations

• Be visible and approachable to all staff, volunteers, supporters and customers


Financial responsibility. (20%)


• Responsibility for the day-to-day financial management of the organisation

• Report and present to the board on all financial matters

• Work closely with the club accountant to ensure full clarity and awareness

• Ensure all departments within the organisation are performing to the expected financial targets


Develop a winning team. (10%)


• Provide a support function for the first team Manager to enable the individual to perform to their maximum within the position

• Work with the Football Strategic Working Group to establish and maintain sustainable systems for the scouting and recruitment of the best possible players for the managers selection to ensure future success for the football club.

• Work with the Football Strategic Working Group to establish and maintain sustainable systems for the performance analysis and technical preparation of both our team and ongoing opponents for the benefit of the Manager.

• To provide when required a list of potential targets for the position of first team manager to the BOD

• Aim to attract new support to the football club to increase fan base and engagement


Strategically manage the club Charity organisation, Warriors in the Community to ensure it delivers to the strategic objectives. (15%)


• Support the full-time charity staff in delivering against the objectives.

• Act as one of the two Club nominated trustees on the Charity board.

• To support the Charity in strategic decision making with appropriate oversight back to the BoD of the Club.

• To provide direct operational line management to Head of Charity.

• Support applications for and obtain regular grants to support the on-going development of the Charity.


Maximise commercial benefit for the club. (20%)


• Work with the Commercial Working Group to develop and drive a commercial marketing plan aimed at attracting new sponsors into the club

• Oversee all aspects of commercial activity

• Manage relations with current partners and look to create new relationships

• Implement and deliver on a club wide communication strategy to maximise interactions within the media, social media and all available platforms


Facility Management. (15%)


• Maximise revenue across the facility

• Liaise with Charity on the utilisation of the facility to the overall benefit of the Club.

• Oversee the on-going maintenance of the facility

• Explore all avenues of grant support to provide investment into the facility

• Ensure Ochilview Park is an attractive and welcoming environment for all guests, members and visitors