General Steward

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
  • Wolverhampton, UK
  • 04 Jun, 2021
Part time Hospitality Premier League Stadia & Operations

Job Description

Job purpose

Stewards are deployed to assist in the safe operation of the ground before, during and after and event.


Key responsibilities

• To be responsible for the safety and comfort of spectators within a designated area at all times.

• Attend the Stadium at given dates and times as directed by the Safety Officer.

• Attend pre-event briefing, and ensure all information is understood.

• To carry out safety checks.

• Do not leave the stadium after signing in until the end of your duties.

• Attend all training sessions required.

• Direct spectators to seating areas by checking tickets.

• Assist in the prevention of overcrowding by ensuring the crowd limits in various parts of the ground are complied with.

• Immediately report to a Supervisor, Manager or the Safety Officer incidences where spectators climbing fences and other structures or stand on seats, and seek the assistance of specialist stewards where necessary.

• Monitor the crowd throughout the ground for signs of distress or overcrowding and take action in accordance with standing instructions.

• Ensure that gangways and exit / evacuation routes are kept clear.

• Assist in the diversion of spectators to other parts of the ground including the closing of turnstiles when the capacity for any area is about to be reached.

• Identify any incidents or occurrences among spectators, reporting their findings to a Supervisor.

• Know the location of and be able to operate effectively the fire-fighting equipment at the ground.

• Know the location of the first aid room and any first aid equipment kept elsewhere in the Stadium.

• Be fully conversant with any methods or signals used to alert staff that an emergency has arisen.

• Be capable of recognising potential fire hazards and suspect packages, reporting such findings immediately to a Supervisor, Manager or the Safety Officer.

• Comply promptly with any instruction given in an emergency by the Safety Officer, Area Supervisor or a Police Officer.

• Remain at allocated post as instructed unless authorised or ordered to do otherwise by the Supervisor, Area Supervisor, the Safety Officer or a Police Officer.

• You may be required to be deployed to other areas, i.e. turnstiles/search or adjacent stands.

• Report to the Area Supervisor or Safety Officer any damage or defect which is likely to pose a threat to spectator safety e.g. a damaged seat or barrier.

• Assist as required in the evacuation of the ground.

• Maintain segregated areas all times.

• Report any issues promptly


General responsibilities

• Compliance with Club policies

• Compliance with the Club’s health and safety procedures

• Compliance with the Club’s safeguarding policies

• To promote the Club’s values

• To work consistently to embed equality & diversity into the Club

• To undertake such other duties as may be reasonably expected

• To maintain professional conduct at all times



• This role involves working with children and/or adults at risk in a Regulated Activity (or in close proximity to children and/or adults at risk). This means that the post-holder is required to apply all relevant policies and uphold the Club’s commitment to safeguarding vulnerable people.


Key relationships

• This role requires working with the general public.

• This role will be reporting into the Stand Managers.


Closing Date – Wednesday 30th June, 5pm