Football Products & Apparel

This sector is dedicated to brands and professionals who are at the heart of the game, namely football fashion & products such as footwear, football kit and training equipment for clubs, coaches and players.

Today, most branded football products are sold online and through retail chains direct to football players, coaches, specialist trainers and consumers.

Jobs in Football is interested to showcase the story behind the latest developments in football products and how these can be of value to the players to improve performance, prevent injuries, use of more eco-friendly materials and the latest technology to manufacture high quality products for players of all ages and abilities.

The products & apparel side of the game also hosts various employment opportunities and roles, with thousands of businesses capitalising on Football’s popularity and strong links with fashion, merchandise and apparel.


What type of jobs & career paths are there within this sector of Football?

Examples of areas within Football Products & Apparel covered by Jobs In Football include but are not limited to: Clothing & Apparel, Equipment & Training, Merchandise, Retail, Design & Development, Branding, Manufacturing & Production etc.