Education, Governance & Community

This sector is dedicated to organisations and professionals who are providing education and personal development programs for professionals seeking employment opportunities in the football industry. This includes full-time and part-time programs for children, undergraduates or professionals already active in football.

It is also aimed at the governance of the game. As the laws around the game are constantly evolving to make the sport safer and fairer for all involved, it is crucial that the right people are involved and for the right reasons.

Community is another area within Football that is growing at a significant rate, as governments, associations and authorities recognise the benefit the game adds to society and the economy. Encouraging participation and development through all levels from grassroots up, will require people with a passion for the game and the ability to inspire others.


What type of jobs & career paths are there within this sector of Football?

Examples of the areas of the game covered in this sector include but are not limited to: Education, Governance, Community, Personal Development and Training, Employment, Charity, Safeguarding & Welfare, Diversity, Volunteering, Community, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Rights, Refereeing, Supporters, Teaching, Further Education, Conferences, Work Experience, Internships, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Regulations etc