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 Welcome to the Jobs In Football Career Service

There are few industries as competitive as football when it comes to securing a job, with many vacancies attracting hundreds of applications through our platform alone. With this being the case, it's of utmost importance that you have a good strategy and of course, a well written, professional CV that highlights your strengths and attracts employers.


The main premise of this service is to deliver high quality, personalised advice and guidance that helps you achieve your career goals in the football industry.


To do so, we have created a number of services that will be provided by experts from football, sport management, recruitment and career development.



Our Careers & CV Writing Service



 We are delighted to offer the following services to help you take the next step in your career:


CV Review

Get your current CV reviewed and receive at least 1 page of insight and actionable feedback. Your CV will be reviewed by both John & Richard.


This service includes:


  • Minimum 1 A4 page of feedback
  • 5 day return
  • Actionable feedback from 2 industry experts
  • Personalised and tailored for you, no templates
  • Ensures you have the all the basics covered






CV Rewrite

Have your CV re-written by our industry experts. This service includes the opportunity to ask the experts to revise or change their recommendations if you are not satisfied.


This service includes:


  • Full CV Rewrite
  • 1 opportunity for alterations and feedback to experts
  • 10 day return
  • Formatted and structured to suit your desired market
  • Our experts full focus - we only accept a limited number of orders at any one time, to ensure each CV is given their full attention
  • Targeted for specific roles/markets/employers if requested
  • Adaptable to allow to you to easily modify for future applications






Career Coaching

With 10 years advising and coaching Master in Sports Management and Master in Football Business Management professionals at the Johan Cruyff Institute, Richard has extensive experience in this area and has developed his own methodology to assist professionals make their next move. 


This service includes:


  • 60 minute video call
  • CV Feedback
  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals to secure employment
  • Review of recent job applications and outcome
  • Recommendations to increase chances of employment in football







Job Application Mentoring

This is specifically designed for candidates who intend to apply for a vacancy.


This service includes:


  • 60 minute video call
  • Review of job spec and advice on best approach for application
  • Cover letter planning
  • Post outcome follow up







Executive Service

For candidates with longer careers who are aiming for senior positions within football. The length and frequency of support will be agreed on a case-by-case basis, and personalised to suit each individual.


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Our Experts

Our service is provided by two professionals who have worked in their respective fields for more than 25 years. We have intentionally selected them from two different fields of business. One with experience working across the sports and football industry. The other with experience in human resources and talent recruitment.

We believe the blend of these professionals will deliver best in class advice and guidance for candidates of all levels and backgrounds.



 Check out Richard's LinkedIn profile to learn more




 Check out John's LinkedIn profile to learn more



By combining John's recruitment and talent development expertise with Richard's marketing and management in the sport business, we have a powerful blend to ensure your CV is tailored to progress your career in the football industry.



Our Process


The Jobs in Football CV and Career Development Service is designed to help improve your job applications and secure employment in the football industry.


Way of Working

We use a simple model to guide our services and deliver a personalized approach for each candidate. This is the I.M.P.A.C.T. model which is outlined as follows:


I =        Insight about the candidate and his/her background

M =      Motivation and reasons for working in the football industry

P =       Preparation to enter or develop your career further in the football industry

A =       Application or Approaching people and organisations

C =       Customization of your CV, letter and profile

T =       Techniques to increase your opportunities


Depending on your qualifications and experience different elements of the model are used to ensure we take your goals and personal situation into account.


Steps, Timing and Process

When you apply for one of our services there are several steps to get started, as follows:

  1. Via the website you can select the service you wish to start with
  2. Once you have purchased the service, we will contact you via email within 24 hours with the next steps
  3. The email will include a link to a questionnaire for you to complete. This will help us build a customised, tailored plan for you, and should take between 10-30 minutes to complete
  4. When using the Career Coaching or Job Application service, you will receive a link to make a time booking with our expert.
  5. When using the CV Review service, our experts will send their feedback within 48 hours (Monday-Friday)
  6. When using the CV Rewrite service, our experts will submit a 1st draft to within 7 days, after which you can make suggestions/alterations that they will revise (Monday-Friday)


Naturally, we are also available for any other queries you may have throughout the process.





Do I need an existing CV, or will Jobs in Football prepare a CV for me?

Yes, you need to have an existing CV ready to share for all the services offered


Does it matter how many years work experience I have?

No, we advise everyone from students to senior executives


Do I need any experience in the football industry?

No, although we assume you have a passion for football or believe you can bring something of value to the football industry


Is there an option to meet face-to-face for any of these services?

At present, all services are provided online via our website, email and video call. In future, subject to Covid regulations this might become available


Is there a discount if I want more than one service?

Yes, the 10% discount is also available on the price of the additional services


Do I need to decide in advance if I want more than one service?

No, you can apply for an additional service and the discount will still be valid


Is there a 24-hour service for the ‘CV Review’?

Not at present although we will provide our advice and recommendations as quickly as possible which could be within 24 or 48 hours subject to our workload


Can you help me find a job opportunity in the football industry?

We are not involved in approaching employers but can make recommendations based on job vacancies we are aware on via Jobs in Football or any other job board


Are you hired by football organisations to select and recruit new employees?

No, we promote and advertise vacancies of all football organisations which provides a comprehensive overview of what is currently available in the marketplace


Is this service available in other languages apart from English?

No, at present this is only available in English but our network and experience is based on working internationally across the world of football




CV Tips


Not sure about the benefits of a well written CV, or what constitutes a good CV? Here are a few tips to get you started:


How important is a good CV to finding employment in the football industry?

Like any job application, a CV provides the recruiter with a snapshot of your qualifications and experience. A professional and well-prepared CV can move you from the ‘not suitable’ to the ‘potential candidate’ pile.


What can make a difference between a standard CV and one which has been prepared specifically for a job application?

Due to the volume of applications for jobs in the football industry, your CV is one of the opportunities to raise your profile and make a claim for the job. It is the one document which you can tailor according to the skills and experience required.

As the industry professionalizes, the demand for people with generic qualifications and experience is reducing. Organizations are looking for people with expertise in key areas be that data analysis, stadium hospitality, marketing or team manager of the Under 18’s.


What is the essence or hallmark of a good CV?

A CV needs to highlight three key aspects: 

  1. Your qualifications or area(s) of expertise
  2. Relevant experience for the position
  3. Attitude and what extra you bring to the organisation

Although it sounds simple to identify and highlight these aspects, it can be challenging to present these in a well worded CV.


What else should be included in a CV?

Your CV needs to contain a profile or description that reflects who you are, your goals or vision and why you would be an asset to this organisation.


How long should my CV be?

In most cases, two or three pages is the maximum, depending on your background and experience. Anything longer and it is doubtful a recruiter will take time to study what you have to offer. Choosing the most important information for your CV can make the difference to being considered or rejected. CVs that are not concise with a clear overview are rejected first.



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