Business & Commercial

This sector is dedicated to all organisations and professionals who are creating, marketing and generating commercial opportunities for the football industry through events, sponsorship, market research, fan engagement, membership and loyalty programs, merchandise and licensing, storytelling, legal and financial services, business clubs and networking platforms which contribute to off-pitch revenue.

Competition for hearts and minds of fans, commercial partners, technology partners and key stakeholders requires constant business planning, innovation and execution. In partnership with broadcast, media and technology, commercial teams are critical to the survival and success of football clubs and related organisations.

Jobs in Football will feature the latest commercial strategies, stories and insights through blogs, reports and cases in partnership with some of the leading players in the football business.


What type of jobs & career paths are there within this sector of Football?

Examples of areas within Commercial & Business covered by Jobs In Football include but are not limited to: Marketing, Events, Sponsorship, Sales, Finance, Legal, Leadership & Management, Betting, Gamin, Player Representation, Contracts, Market Research, Advertising, Partnerships, Investor Relations, Business Development, Executive, Account Management, Ownership etc