Broadcast, Media & Technology

This sector is dedicated to professionals and organisations who are working in the broadcast media industry and tech companies driving the change in distribution, consumption and content models of the football business.

As the role of the ‘FAANGs’ (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google) continues to shape the way in which the sports viewer is connected and engaged with football, the broadcast media landscape is constantly evolving introducing VR/AR and AI into the daily lives of all sports players and fans. This brings different challenges and opportunities to the football business at all levels and requires a different mindset and skill set.

Jobs in Football will feature the latest techniques and developments of value to decision makers responsible for the production, distribution and monetisation of content for the football business across all areas from live viewing to training, fan engagement and commercial services.


What type of jobs & career paths are there within this sector of Football?

Examples of areas of the game covered in this sector include but are not limited to: Journalism, Content, PR, Communications, Photography, Broadcast, Audio, eSports, Digital, Data Science, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Technology etc