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Analyst Portfolio Service

Analyst Portfolio Service

The role of analysis and use of data has grown dramatically over the past few years, with clubs investing heavily in their approach to recruitment and analysis of opposition. Likewise, data and tools for analysis have become more readily available, meaning just about anyone can conduct their own analysis from home.

With this, there has been a surge of aspiring analysts breaking onto the scene, with many cases of talented individuals promoting their work across social media and attaining work with clubs across the world.

The Challenge For Aspiring Analysts

From our research, we’ve identified that one of the main challenges for young analysts to break into the industry is lack of exposure – i.e. getting your work seen by the right people. Unless you are consistently publishing and promoting your work across the correct channels, building a reputation is incredibly difficult, regardless of the quality of your work.

Also, analysis is different to most career paths whereby rather than a CV, examples of your work are far and away the best way to sell yourself and display your experience and abilities. As Jonathan Hill, former Head of Analysis at Bournemouth says:

"The thing that I find incredibly hard when you're leading a department and trying to identify and employ staff is that so many CVs these days read exactly the same. People have all done undergraduate degrees, they've all had a year or two of experience as an intern, maybe one role at a professional club.

You have to create a shortlist from a number of CVs that are roughly the same, without having the time to speak to everyone. The most important thing I value is seeing people's work, I want to see what they can deliver, and then I want to meet the person to understand if they have the people skills to build a relationship with the coach, because that's ultimately the job — you have to be able to communicate with a coach."

Jobs In Football Analyst Portfolios

With the above in mind, Jobs In Football are launching a free service to help aspiring analysts break into the industry.

From mid-January 2024, you can build your own portfolio on the Jobs In Football website, and promote your work to our vast audience. Being the largest Football Career site in the world, we’re regularly visited by recruiters from Football Clubs and Organisations across the world who come to us in search for talent, making it the ideal place to showcase your ability!


Another challenge that aspiring analysts face, is getting feedback on their work. Whilst clubs or organisations may appreciate work you submit to them, rarely do they have the time to provide detailed, constructive feedback to help you improve.

With this being the case, we have partnered with Jonathan Hill, an elite-level analyst having worked with several Premier League clubs across multiple positions within analysis, including Head of Analysis at Fulham FC. You can read our interview with Jonathan here.

For every report submitted, Jonathan will provide you with feedback to help you improve your game, and as we’re dedicated to developing and promoting talent, this is completely free of charge.

The Process

The process for getting your work published and receiving feedback is simple:

·         Review our Submission Guidelines HERE

·         Submit to

·         We will review your work and aim to provide feedback within 14 days. There may be delays depending on volume of submissions.

·         Accepted reports will be posted live on the site, and you will be given the URL to your own portfolio that you can share freely



Report Types We Accept:

  • Player Analysis
  • Recruitment Analysis
  • Team/Opposition Analysis
  • Match Analysis
  • Manager/Head Coach Analysis
  • Set Piece Analysis


Do you have any other questions? Feel free to drop a note in the comment sections below.